rayon material

Is Rayon Stretchy?

Yes. Rayon does stretch. It is particularly stretchy when Rayon is wet.   It will stretch comfortably when you wear it.  … Read more


Does Elastane Shrink?

Yes. Elastane fabrics will shrink if you expose them to heat. The manufacturing process creates tension on the fibers, and … Read more

iron silk

Can You Iron Silk?

Ironing silk is no easy task. It can lead to irreparable damage. It can melt the fabric and create stains. Don’t … Read more

Does Rayon Wrinkle?

Yes, rayon wrinkles quite easily. Rayon is especially prone to wrinkles when exposed to moisture. It poses a unique challenge … Read more

modal fabric twisted

Does Modal Shrink?

Yes. Modal shrinks, but very minimal. Many people use modal because its durable and shrink resistant. People often use modal … Read more

multicolored linen

Does Linen Shrink?

Yes. Linen is prone when exposed to moisture and high temperatures. When you expose linen to heat and moisture, it … Read more