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Does Viscose Wrinkle?

Yes. Viscose wrinkles very easily. This fabric has a silky smooth, luxurious fabric, but it’s very susceptible to wrinkles. This … Read more

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Is Viscose Stretchy?

Viscose is a tricky fabric because it’s generally not a stretchy fabric. The stretchiness of viscose will depend on several … Read more

does satin wrinkle

Does Satin Wrinkle?

Yes, satin does wrinkle. Although satin does wrinkle it does not wrinkle very quickly. The thicker the satin the less … Read more

Does Cashmere Stretch?

Yes. Cashmere can stretch, and it doesn’t quickly bounce back. This feature is why you shouldn’t hang your cashmere. Prolonged … Read more

Does Cashmere Shrink?

Yes. Cashmere is prone to shrinking when exposed to moisture and high-heat. So, to keep your cashmere from shrinking, do … Read more

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Does Polyester Shrink?

Yes. Polyester shrinks. But it’s relatively resistant to it. Polyester is only prone to shrinking when blended with other fabrics … Read more