About the Author

Hi Friend, 

I’m Anne. Founder of SewingHackers.

I picked up my first sewing machine five years ago. It wasn’t long after that before the business of cutting, pinning, ironing, and sewing became my go-to source of inspiration.

I love the idea that I can cut something into pieces and put it back together to become something I can call my own. Not to mention the amount of money I save on not having to buy my clothes.

Like most sewers, I eventually dabbled in quilting too!

Only problem was the longer I sewed and quilt, the more frustrated I became with the lack of sewing and quilting resources online.

And so, SewingHackers was born.

We are a small but mighty team of three dedicated to inspiring you with daily tips and techniques on quilting, embroidery and sewing. 

If you’re looking for information to improve your craft or looking for community to fuel you on your creative journey, I created this blog just for you!

Welcome Home.